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Risk and Fire Assessments

Employers have a duty to carry out suitable and sufficient assessments of the risks faced by their employees, contractors and others who visit their premises.

The Fire Service no longer issues ‘fire safety certificates’ and current UK legislation effectively puts the responsibilitry for fire safety in the hands the business owner requiring employers to make arrangements for undertaking their own fire risk assessments.

The fire risk assessment will be more effective if conducted as a separate exercise to health and safety risk assessments. JGA HR Consulting can work with you to carry out an effective and compliant fire risk assessment of your premises. The process we adopt is made up of several stages as follows:
¢ Establish the objectives of the assessment.
¢ Look for the hazards.
¢ Decide who might be harmed.
¢ Evaluate the risks.
¢ Record the findings.
¢ Review the assessment.

Following the assessment we will help you to determine the appropriate level of fire safety measures necessary to control fire risks. We can also develop and deliver basic fire training for your staff.